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Energy Efficient Ratings

What is Window Energy Rating?

  • As well as calculating the overall accurate ‘U’ value for a specific size and design of
    Window (frame and gaskets etc as well as the double glazed unit), Window Energy
    Rating also takes into account the significant benefit to be derived from solar gain along
    with the heat lost through air infiltration.
  • The Window Energy Rating process provides all the necessary input to SAP
    Assessments for New Build.
  • However, for consumers and replacement windows all BFRC Window Energy Ratings
    are based on the same window style/configuration and size given in Approved
    Document Part L (2002).
  • The two digit BFRC Window Energy Rating is measured in units of kWh/ m2 /year, the
    result of which determines where the window will sit on the descending A-G energy scale.

Windows are a major component of any building. Specifying and using energy rated windows will increase the value of your property and also reduce your heating bills. Up to 30% of the heat lost from a home is lost from the windows. Window energy rating is a method for assessing the total energy performance of a complete window. It rates it as a whole system rather than simply considering the frame or glass on its own.

Correctly designed and installed windows will significantly reduce energy usage thus reducing fuel bills.

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